Is your home "Drop-By" Friendly?

In a world of pre-planned, well, everything....don't you miss when friends popped by announced? I know I do. There was something really fun about pals just popping by, a break from relentless scheduling that seems to have become the norm.

Let's say your friend is passing your place and texts you to say, "Hey I am passing by, fancy a cuppa?"  How long would it take you to prepare your home for this unexpected visit?

And shouldn't you be living in a neat and tidy home all the time anyway?! Yeah, right! 

Here are our tips to making your apartment "Drop-By Friendly".

You're welcome!

1. Keep a minimal palette to avoid looking fussy and cluttered. Check this minimal masterpiece by the design rockstar Kelly Wearstler.

2. Your date will need a place to put their coat and bag immediately inside your entrance. Avoid the awkward “what shall I do with my bag?”

3. In a panic to clear the clutter? Use a kitchen side board like this stunner from Guinevere Antiques.
4. Make sure your table is big enough. There is nothing less luxurious than feeling cramped - check this solid table from Tom Dixon.

5. Now it’s time to get a little more daring - show your personality with some interesting place settings, like this black cutlery set.

6. And of course keep your bedroom clean, neat and tidy. Hire a cleaner if you don’t like tidying. Try