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Home Internal Reconfiguration

Rearranging Internal Walls to make the space flow better


This Family in Manchester was ready to re-design their interior layout to make their space work for how their family lived.

They needed a place to socialise together, to receive guests, to dine, to study, an outdoor space for family parties, and a gym to stay fit and healthy.

This family also requested large storage spaces to help them keep their space neat and tidy.


Step by step process

We interviewed the family to understand on a deep level their way of life. Every family is different!

We prepared two drafts and scheduled time for feedback.

We implemented the feedback into the design in 2D and then prepared the 3D images to check if the final design was satisfactory.

Existing Situation

The home was large, but did not have sufficient light in the rear downstairs rooms. The rooms were small and separate from one another. There was no flow from one space to another.

final Design

The final design gave a more light filled kitchen and living space with a large self-cleaning skylights. Large sliders giving an "outdoor room" . Kitchen, living room and dining room flowed into one another, with just enough separation to feel like separate spaces.

Large Storage walls and also a large Pantry were incorporated to help this space remain neat and tidy, in an easy and functional way.

The family was very happy with the result!

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