President and Sabina Higgins Photo: Malcolm McNally - Irish Post'

It all started when…

A prominent London business network, The Women's Irish Network, commissioned us to make an installation for the Embassy event on February 1st 2018.

The event, which celebrated the creativity of women, took place on St Brigid’s Day, and was attended by renowned figures from diverse fields including award-winning TV actor, writer and producer Sharon Horgan, international fashion designer Orla Kiely, Enterprise Ireland CEO Julie Sinnamon and the uniquely-talented singer Camille O'Sullivan. 

Also in attendance was President and Sabina Higgins, who spoke at length to Staunton Henderson Director Maeve Staunton about the work. President Higgins asked many detailed questions about the meaning, the craftsmanship and the material choice of the work.

Drawing inspiration from the life story of St. Brigid, and her legacy as Patron Saint of Illuminators & Metal Workers, we used gold leaf gilt lettering and brass to illuminate inspirational quotes for contemporary women in business. Crystal was also incorporated to signify the light that Brigid brought through her charitable and educational work. As guests ascended the grand staircase, the shape of a St. Brigid’s cross in plan was revealed, and the verticality of the work is reminiscent of a reed bed in spring.

Photo credits: Malcom McNally, Irish Post.