what is permitted development?

You've got rights! Permitted development rights!


Permitted Development is construction or change of use, that does not need to apply for Planning Permission.

Although there are some procedures and forms that still need to be followed, it is a faster route to achieving permission to build.

A Planning Application type document is still required to be submitted to the Authority / Council, it is just less onerous. 

The neighbours are contacted by the Authority and given 21 days to make their opinions known or object.  If no objections are made, the Authority will notify you within 42 days and you can begin construction.

A Commencement Notice, Building Regulations Approval and the following certificates are still required as these are separate from Planning Permission. Your Architect can help you with these notices.

It is sensible to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate for your Permitted Development plans before starting to build. You will need it if ever selling the property.


the CRITERIA are set out below



Max 4m from rear wall for a detached house

Max 3m from rear wall for all other houses

(Rear wall as built in 1948. Other extensions are included in the length allowed)

170715_PD for website_v_14.png


Max 4m from highest ground on site

Max 3m when within 2m from boundary wall


With these generous length and height allowances, you can effectively gain a new room to the rear of your property, and one in your loft space too


Loft conversions

40 sqm allowable for terraced homes and 50 sqm for Semi and Detached homes



Must match the existing property



If the extension roof is pitched, it should be a similar degree to the original roof

No extensions can overhang a boundary wall


What's covered?

No balconies, verandas, raised platforms or chimneys

No Flats or dividing a property to multiple residences

These need a Full Planning Permission Application, which is a similar and straightforward process but just a more lengthy application form

We can help with these too


when is the deadline?

There is no deadline for Permitted Development!

For the Larger Home Extension Scheme, which allows double the above dimensions, construction must be completed by May 2019


..And my neighbours' Opinions?

The Planning Authority, or Council, write to inform your neighbours and any other owners under the Neighbour Consultation Scheme. They have 21 days to comment or object

We can advise strategies to help the process to flow smoothly


is this permission for everywhere?


Not for Conservation Areas, National Parks, Areas of Special Interest, or areas where the Council have issued an Article 4, which prevents Permitted Development being allowed due to the sensitive nature of the Area

But it is for most areas!

We can help you navigate this aspect


We can assist you in creating a design that meets the above criteria.

....and we will get back to you asap with some advice