Tailored Advice Report - Digital Copy


Tailored Advice Report - Digital Copy


A bespoke outline of how to take the first steps on your construction journey. Questions from how much will it cost, where do I start, who pays who when are all laid out and explained.

And the vital “Next Steps” are explained.

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The Report

What’s Included:

Where do I start

How much will it cost?

Are there things I can and cannot do because of planning constraints?

What should I build?

Where on the site should I build it? Will the geography of the site allow it? When do I test the soil?

How can I make the long-term running of the property cost effective?

How long is it going to take?

Is it possible to make the home grow as our needs grow?

Are there strategies for achieving planning without objections or conditions?

How do the project financials work? Who pays who and when?

Can I be advised on the best heating and cooling, plumbing, lighting methods?

Will the property be ready to go? What about connecting to utilities?

What’s the most cost effective way of completing the interiors?

How do I maintain privacy on my site?

What contracts I should use with the contractor and other design team members such as the Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Ecologist etc?


…and any other questions you may request to be included.