Our Skill at Achieving Planning Permission

We love getting planning permission granted for our clients, especially in tricky boroughs. It is our pleasure to enable clients to enlarge their property & maximise its potential in a tasteful manner of course!

Below are some recent samples of Grant Notices.

What do you get when you cross a Speakeasy & a Gallery Space..?!

We have recently been commissioned to design a space which should serve as a secret-bar / speak-easy / gallery / pop-up space.......quite the mixed use indeed! 

These days spaces need to be multi-functional, but a designer need to be conscious not to dilute the impact by "trying to do everything".

The three galleries below outline our design process. We analysed the two typologies and discovered a new type of aesthetic was possible to meet our client's needs.

Check 'em out!

171113_DH_Fee Proposal 1.003.jpg
171113_DH_Fee Proposal 2.001.jpg
171113_DH_Fee Proposal 3.005.jpg

.......What do you think?

The best speakeasys in the world right now

We have recently been commissioned to design a speakeasy, a secret bar! We are super excited about it because it is a project we can have a little fun with.

Our research has lead us to analyse the best secret bars from all over the world right now.

They are all dark, moody, with luxurious materials and a unassuming entrance. They are all reminiscent of the original speakeasys of the Chicago & NYC Prohibition time of the 1920's.

Check 'em out!

And let us know what you think.... my favourite are the ones with secret doors....gah!

Why I find St. Paul's Cathedral so Inspirational

If you are ever feeling down, think about St.Paul's Cathedral....that building has been through sooo much sh*t.
It's an inspiration.

On first appearances it seems peaceful, timeless, like it has always been there. 
But nothing could be further from the truth.

....Here goes a very short history of the turbulent life of London's most treasured building....


It began as a place of worship circa 604. It's pretty old.
In 1087, under William the Conquerer and as a Catholic Cathedral, a fire destroyed the new construction work. Another fire in 1135 delayed it again.
But like a Phoenix it rose from its ashes and by the 14th Century it had the longest nave and tallest spires in the known world.

After the Protestant Reformation, that began in 1517, the nave aisle became a place of doing business, socialising & horse trading.
In St. Paul's church yard in 1549 radical Protestant preachers incited a mob to destroy many of the cathedral's interior decorations.

In 1561 another fire was hot enough to melt the cathedral's bells and the lead covering the wooden spire "poured down like lava upon the roof", destroying it.
(Rumour had it that a plumber had "confessed on his death bed" that he had "left a pan of coals and other fuel in the tower when he went to dinner." Other records dispute this.)

In 1621, King James I appointed Inigo Jones to restore the building. 
Work stopped during the English Civil War between 1642-1651, during which the nave was used as a stable for cavalry horses.
A rumour of the time suggested that Cromwell had considered giving the building to London's returning Jewish community to become a synagogue.

The building was now in great disrepair. King Charles, 1630-85, commissioned Sir. Christoper Wren, to restore the Gothic style of Inigo Jones design of 1630.

Wren saw the building was in such a bad state and felt re-building was the best option.
This was objected to by locals and the clergy alike.
His uncle was bishop of Ely and suggested copying the dome of Ely Cathedral over the exiting cathedral, using scaffolding to support its construction and then dismantling the older cathedral below. 
This was to ease the emotional shock that the demolition of a known landmark would cause to locals (Londonners, also known as "non-believers" at the time) and hence any opposition.
Then, in 1666, the Great Fire of London raged, and aided by this timber scaffolding, incinerated the whole construction.

A new building was the only possible outcome after this fire.


With molten lead having fused stonework together, gunpowder was necessary to clear the site. And then a battering ram.

It had to be blown to pieces to create the beautiful serene Neo Classical Protestant Cathedral we know and love.

Today protected sight-lines exist in London to protect the view of St. Paul's tower from various places around  and outside of London. For example, the view from King Henry's mound forces all new buildings to lean back out of the way, like Richard Rogers firm RSHP's Leadenhall or commonly known, Cheesegrater Skyscraper.


It's been through a lot! So, if you are ever feeling down, burnt out, beaten up and blown to pieces, consider St. Paul's, and realise the best is yet to come.


Is your home "Drop-By" Friendly?

In a world of pre-planned, well, everything....don't you miss when friends popped by announced? I know I do. There was something really fun about pals just popping by, a break from relentless scheduling that seems to have become the norm.

Let's say your friend is passing your place and texts you to say, "Hey I am passing by, fancy a cuppa?"  How long would it take you to prepare your home for this unexpected visit?

And shouldn't you be living in a neat and tidy home all the time anyway?! Yeah, right! 

Here are our tips to making your apartment "Drop-By Friendly".

You're welcome!

1. Keep a minimal palette to avoid looking fussy and cluttered. Check this minimal masterpiece by the design rockstar Kelly Wearstler.

2. Your date will need a place to put their coat and bag immediately inside your entrance. Avoid the awkward “what shall I do with my bag?”

3. In a panic to clear the clutter? Use a kitchen side board like this stunner from Guinevere Antiques.
4. Make sure your table is big enough. There is nothing less luxurious than feeling cramped - check this solid table from Tom Dixon.

5. Now it’s time to get a little more daring - show your personality with some interesting place settings, like this black cutlery set.

6. And of course keep your bedroom clean, neat and tidy. Hire a cleaner if you don’t like tidying. Try http://domcomcleaninglondon.co.uk/