Our Skill at Achieving Planning Permission

We love getting planning permission granted for our clients, especially in tricky boroughs. It is our pleasure to enable clients to enlarge their property & maximise its potential in a tasteful manner of course!

Below are some recent samples of Grant Notices.

What do you get when you cross a Speakeasy & a Gallery Space..?!

We have recently been commissioned to design a space which should serve as a secret-bar / speak-easy / gallery / pop-up space.......quite the mixed use indeed! 

These days spaces need to be multi-functional, but a designer need to be conscious not to dilute the impact by "trying to do everything".

The three galleries below outline our design process. We analysed the two typologies and discovered a new type of aesthetic was possible to meet our client's needs.

Check 'em out!

171113_DH_Fee Proposal 1.003.jpg
171113_DH_Fee Proposal 2.001.jpg
171113_DH_Fee Proposal 3.005.jpg

.......What do you think?